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Experienced Frontend Developer with a track record of rapid skill acquisition and effective collaboration. Thrives on close teamwork to efficiently manage workloads while embracing opportunities for mentorship. Committed to personal growth and the advancement of web development, evidenced by over four years of development experience working in a commercial environment and also through freelance contracting. Dedicated to applying acquired expertise within dynamic teams to craft high-quality web applications that meet and exceed client expectations.


Proficient in a diverse range of frontend development technologies including TypeScript, React, and Vue, as well as handling various data formats such as JSON, YAML, and Markdown. Skilled working with API's, OpenAPI documentation, developing with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and building extensions for Office, Teams, and Chrome.

Experienced in version control and collaboration via Git, GitHub, and GitLab, coupled with expertise in package management via NPM and Yarn. Familiar with Content Management Systems (CMS), template engines like Liquid, and serverless computing utilizing Lambda.

Additionally, adept in testing, debugging, and employing tools like Playwright and Puppeteer with integration test, with mastery across multiple operating systems like PC, Mac, and Linux.


Currently considering remote full-time positions, contract and freelance work, please get in touch.



Airplane Game

WebGL game demo built with React, Three.js, React Three Fiber, Material UI and Zustand.

GitHub Repository

Table Configurator

Product configurator, built with React, Three.js, React Three Fiber and Material UI.

GitHub Repository

3D Model Environment

WebGL demo using Three.js, orbit controls, animation and a 3D model of Yamato 2199.

GitHub Repository

House Marketplace

Propert sale/rental demo app with React, router and Firebase with Google Auth.

GitHub Repository

Feedback UI

Customer feedback demo using React, state, context, router, framer motion and JSON server.

GitHub Repository

Image Sequence Demo

GSAP ScrollTrigger image animation sequence with Space Battleship Yamato assets.

GitHub Repository

Death Stranding Fansite

Custom SCSS and JavaScript Fetch to import static data to change DOM content without reload.

GitHub Repository

Expense Tracker (React)

React 18, context, reducer, state, router, Chart.js. React Toastify and local storage.

GitHub Repository

Expense Tracker (Vue)

Vue 3, composition API, Vue router, Vuex, Chart.js, Vue Toastification and local storage.

GitHub Repository

GitHub User Finder

Updated with React v18, ContextAPI, React Router, TailwindCSS and DaisyUI.

GitHub Repository



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North Devon, United Kingdom

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